Resources and Learning Material and the Ethereum Python ecosystem have an active community of developers and educators. Here you’ll find libraries, tutorials, examples, courses and other learning material.


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First Steps

Resources for those brand new to Ethereum:



Conference Presentations and Videos

Smart Contract Programming Languages

  • Vyper - Contract-oriented, pythonic programming language that targets EVM

Frameworks and Tooling

  • Ape - The Ethereum development framework for Python Developers, Data Scientists, and Security Professionals

  • Titanoboa - A Vyper interpreter and testing framework

  • Wake - A Python-based development and testing framework for Solidity

  • Brownie - [No longer actively maintained] A Python-based development and testing framework for smart contracts targeting EVM


  • Web3 Ethereum DeFi - Library for DeFi trading and protocols (Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Sushi, Aave, Chainlink)

  • lighter-v1-python - DEX client for Python

  • uniswap-python - Library lets you easily retrieve prices and make trades on all Uniswap versions.

  • pyWalletConnect - WalletConnect implementation for wallets in Python

  • dydx-v3-python - Python client for dYdX v3

  • Lido Python SDK - Library with which you can get all Lido validator’s signatures and check their validity


Hackathon Helpers

  • ape-hackathon-kit - Ape project template with a web front-end (Next.js, Tailwind, RainbowKit, wagmi)

  • eth-flogger - Sample web app utilizing async, Flask, SQLite, Sourcify

  • Temo - Sample terminal app utilizing async web3py, Textual, Anvil

  • web3py-discord-bot - Sample Discord bot utilizing websockets, eth_subscribe, and

  • py-signer - Demo of typed data message signing (EIP-712) with eth-account and Ape